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Not all stress is bad, but chronic stress can have a long term impact on your health and wellbeing.

Are you experiencing chronic stress, physical pain, panic attacks or low energy?


I work with adults who are experiencing life changes, anxiety, depression, and physical pain that may have an emotional component. My mind-body approach can reduce emotional distress, alleviate physical pain, and lessen anxiety and depression.

Group Therapy Workshops

Taking part in group counseling in a safe, confidential and well facilitated environment can be an excellent way to learn about yourself in relationship with others. It is also an opportunity to realize you are not alone.

Connected Living Seminars

Join the Connected Living Personal Growth Seminars. The Core Awakening series of four weekend workshops are held four months during the Spring and again in the Fall.



Integrative Body Psychotherapy

Many of us live primarily in our minds; thinking, planning, and processing memories of the past or anticipating future events, which can lead to chronic stress.  Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) is an energetic approach to enhancing wellbeing through breath, movement and mindful awareness of what you feel in your body. In this way, you are able to recognize and release the stress in your mind and body.

If you…

  • are experiencing panic and anxiety;
  • are feeling pain that might have an emotional component;
  • typically give up what you desire to take care of someone else’s needs and wants;
  • feel an obligation to fulfill the needs of other people while your own needs take a backseat;
  • feel shame and find yourself apologizing;
  • have an overblown sense of responsibility for others;
  • have a difficult time saying “no”;
  • compare yourself to others and come up short;
  • often feel empty and alone;
  • work hard to earn love rather than feeling loveable;
  • or give yourself away in order to fit in and be likeable,

Consider the benefits of consulting with a professional counselling partner with a Doctorate in Psychology and twenty years of experience guiding individuals through psychotherapy that leads to positive change.  Imagine how it could feel to engage in an inspiring, supportive, and practical personal growth process that “unsticks” you and propels you forward into your ideal life.

You will…

  • learn how to put yourself first in a way that keeps important relationships intact and connected;
  • develop the ability to let go of your overwhelming sense of responsibility for others;
  • be clear about when an apology is required;
  • be supported in saying “no” to people and activities that don’t serve you;
  • know what you want and need and be able to express it clearly;
  • develop the skills to take care of yourself so that you don’t feel empty and alone;
  • let go of the inner critic who tells you that you are bad or that you’ve done something wrong.

Extensive psychological training and teaching has provided Margie with a deep understanding of the psychological and physical issues facing individuals who spend their lifetimes in service to others at their own expense.

A licensed psychologist in California, a Registered Professional Counsellor in Canada, and a gifted teacher, Margie is the source for effective strategies.